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Principal Hygiene Systems supply a selection of environmentally friendly air freshener products that dispense fresh, clean fragrances in the areas that require them the most.


From washrooms to office areas, our easy to programme and maintain air fresheners help to create a fresh and hygienic environment wherever this is required.

Call Principal Hygiene Systems on 0800 542 1685 for comprehensive air freshener and sanitary disposal systems.

Excellent standard washroom air fresheners

Benefits of our air fresheners include:

•  Full programmability

•  Flexible and personalised settings

•  Choice of 8 fragrances

•  Easy-view, angled display for instant quantity check

•  Compactness, and suitability for all areas

For further information on any of our products, call us today.

We are based in Wolverhampton offer our quality hygiene products to customers in Walsall, West Bromwich, Birmingham and nationwide.

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Your Problem: A washroom that smells unclean and stale, and poor-quality manual air fresheners, which are cloying and harsh.


Our Solution: TCell™ Continuous Air Care is an innovative and reliable air freshener delivery system, which uses fuel cell technology to continuously dispense doses of pure, designer fragrance and odour neutraliser.


TCell™ Continuous Air Care

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Features & Benefits

  • Customer Satisfaction: A choice of 10 high-quality, long-lasting designer fragrances.

  • Efficiency: An air freshener system that dispenses without the need for batteries, releasing a continuous and consistent level of fragrance – each refill delivers the same fragrance intensity on Day 60 or Day 90 as on Day 1. Simple installation. No need of batteries.


  • Design: Available in 3 stylish dispenser types, standard, heavy-duty, and fan-operated – allowing the TCell™ to be used in offices, retail, transportation, education, sports facilities, anywhere that effective performance and quality would benefit visitors to your washroom.

TCell Air Fresh